Blog Posts in December, 2010

  • Pedestrian's Rights in a Motor Vehicle Accident

    || 20-Dec-2010

    A pedestrian has the right of way in a crosswalk. It does not matter if the crosswalk is not properly painted onto the street surface. All intersections have crosswalk areas going from one corner to the other two corners, which is a continuation of the pedestrian sidewalk/walkway across the street and is the area designated for pedestrians to cross, regardless of whether the painted lines are ...
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  • To prevent pedestrians slipping and falling on snow and ice covered sidewalks, property owners, businesses, tenants and residents responsible for their sidewalks must clear a path free of snow and ice at least 36 inches wide on their sidewalk including the curb cuts within six hours of the end of a snowfall or freezing rain. They can not shovel or sweep the snow into the street. The penalty for ...
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