Local Widow Sues Contracting Company for the Death of Her Husband

Local Widow Sues Contracting Company for the Death of Her Husband

Posted By Thomas J. Murphy || 9-Aug-2012

In Sewickley, Pennsylvania over two years ago a man was killed by what is believed to be a work site accident. Jack Hogan, 31, was working at the Sewickley Wastewater Treatment Plant when he inhaled too much methane gas which led to a 21 foot drop to his death. The medical coroner who examined this young man’s body determined that his death was caused by blunt force trauma, likely because of his fall. Sarah Hogan has filed two different lawsuits against several companies for the wrongful death of her husband, who had only been working for the company for just two months before the accident. It is said that during the period of his death, there were three different engineering companies trying to fix the ventilation problems within the building, and at that time the fresh air circulations system was shut off.

The lawsuit claims that multiple companies’ acknowledged that they knew the environment would be dangerous for workers doing Jack’s specific job. Not only were these three companies included in the lawsuit filed by Mrs. Hogan, but also the specific names of the waste plant superintendents were names as well. The lawsuit specifically addresses Dennis Mike, the superintendent, because he was aware of the safety hazards of the ventilation system not being on and still instructed the victim to work there that day. There is also reason to believe that Dennis Mike was failed to have the gas meters fixed, that were used specifically for the purpose of measuring unsafe air levels for the workers. Knowing that there was a leak of the gases, there could have been the opportunity to safely remove the unsafe levels with proper fans and ventilations though he failed to do this as well. Jack Hogan had no way of knowing the danger that his life was put in by working in the pit that day.

Reports show that while Mike and another man sought to rescue Mr. Hogan, they too were filled with gas and rendered unconscious as a result of the toxic fumes. The lawsuit claims that Mike knew where he sent Jack to work that day was a death trap, and unfortunately it was proven true. Records also show that the owner of the Sewickley companied also passed policies that gave approval to the leakage of some methane gas into the pits, only stating that workers over 40 couldn’t be out at risk. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of the Hogan’s newly born daughter, now only two years old, for the punitive damages that have cost her the life of her father. This lawsuit will be settled in mediation in the near future. If you or someone you know has been a victim of a workplace injury or wrongful death, contact the Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy today for the legal representation that you deserve!

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