Stuck Accelerator May Have Caused Injury Crash

Stuck Accelerator May Have Caused Injury Crash

Posted By Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. || 19-Aug-2013

Police are continuing to investigate a serious wreck that resulted in two people being hospitalized. The accident happened on a recent afternoon at about 5:15 on South Street. The incident began when a car was on Grays Ferry Avenue going the wrong way. The vehicle turned onto South Street and then crashed into three cars. The collision caused one of the cars hit by the initial vehicle to crash into another vehicle. Five cars were damaged in the wreck in total. Two people were hurt and transported to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the vehicle that first crashed said that the accelerator got stuck and was unable to stop. Officers stated that there did not appear to be any indications of impairment by alcohol or drugs. It took tow trucks and workers nearly two hours to pull the wrecked cars apart and clear the roadway.

Do you have a defective product claim?

Defective product cases deal with instances where the proper use of a product resulted in injury or illness to the user. Injuries may be caused by a malfunction, exposure to toxic substances, insufficient warnings concerning the use of the product, defective design and any number of other situations. Common defective product cases involve dangerous drugs or medication which were intrinsically harmful or which didn't warn of side effect, defective toys resulting in choking or other child injury, defective auto parts, manufacturing defects and design defects. When a badly designed or manufactured product causes injury or fatality to the user then those responsible for the defect should be held liable for the damages caused.

Getting Compensation after Suffering a Defective Product Injury

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