Worker Dies at CSC Sugar Plant After Falling Into Sugar Hopper

Worker Dies at CSC Sugar Plant After Falling Into Sugar Hopper

Posted By The Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy, Jr || 28-Feb-2013

Falls Township, PA – A worker was found dead after slipping and falling directly into a large sugar hopper at a processing plant in Falls Township, Bucks County on Monday afternoon February 25 th. According to police, the temporary worker was walking across a catwalk when he slipped and fell into a large sugar vat.

Workers noticed that the man was missing, so authorities were called to CSC Sugar plant around 2:40 p.m. to investigate what happened. After it was discovered that the victim's car was still sitting in the parking lot where he had left it, authorities turned their investigation into the inside of the plant. About an hour after authorities arrived, firefighters discovered the worker's lifeless body inside of the sugar hopper.

Authorities report that he victim was a 50-year-old man from Edgewater, New Jersey. They say that he was walking on a cat-walk above the hopper when he slipped and fell.

According to police, there is no indication of foul play and the investigation is ongoing. An autopsy will be performed in order to determine if the victim was suffering from any kind of medical condition just prior to falling to his death.

CSC Sugar refines sugar cane and supplies sugar to various companies including Snapple, Ben and Jerry's, Wawa, Turkey Hill and other manufacturers.

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