Car Accident Kills Child Walking on Sidewalk

Car Accident Kills Child Walking on Sidewalk

Posted By Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. || 17-Jul-2013

Chester, PA – Three young boys were walking along a sidewalk when out of nowhere, two vehicles came careening directly towards the trio, striking two of the young pedestrians. The collision that began in the street, poured into the sidewalk, injuring one of the boys and killing another; the third boy walked away unharmed.

One boy was released from the hospital, but not without wounds from the accident. The 11-year-old boy's name is Tyvaun Frison, and he was released from the hospital on crutches and wearing a brace on his right leg. According to Tyvaun, he was struck by the Monte Carlo and he recalled feeling numb after being hit by the vehicle.

Frison said that the person that was driving the Monte Carlo was trying to turn but instead it hit him, and he said that the red truck hit his 10-year-old friend nicknamed "Ratshey." Ratshey is the friend that was pronounced dead at the scene.

Tiesha Spriggs, Frison's mother said, "The little boy was just here with us for two days straight, it's sad. It's very sad."

The fatal accident occurred on a Monday afternoon on Highland Avenue, just off of 9th Street. The police reported that they learned that the truck involved in the crash was a Ford F-350. As the Ford travelled southbound on Highland, the Monte Carlo was driving eastbound on West 9th Street, when it turned south onto Highland Avenue. The two vehicles collided, jumped the curb and struck the two boys as they were headed home after a visit to a local store.

The third boy, Kyree Spriggs, was fortunate to escape injuries, yet he witnessed the entire incident. Kyree said, "I saw the red car speeding down, that's when the other car was turning and that's when they hit each other." Just prior to the accident, Kyree, his cousin Tyvaun and their 10-year-old friend Ratshey were walking along the sidewalk. Tiesha Spriggs said, "It could have been so many lives taken today. Everybody needs to slow down because there are kids out here, it's the summer time, they want to play. They don't have to worry about cars jumping the curb or anything like that."

Several eyewitnesses to the accident told Eyewitness News that speed was a factor. The police stated that an investigation was ongoing. According to police both drivers were cooperating and charges were pending the outcome of the investigation.