Attorney Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. Mentioned in Slip and Fall Article

Attorney Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. Mentioned in Slip and Fall Article

Posted By Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. || 6-Jun-2013

In a recent article that the The Inquirer wrote about the local subways system's problem with slip and fall accidents, many different professionals who deal with these types of incidents were referenced. Philadelphia Personal Injury Attorney Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. from our firm was one of those professionals. The lawyer serves as an aggressive legal advocate for injury victims who were harmed in accidents caused by the negligence of others. Slip and fall accidents are one of the many types of cases the attorney handles.

The article highlighted the fact that the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA), the Port Authority Transit Corporation (PATCO) and the city of Philadelphia has failed to fix many of the leaks in the local subway system, despite the fact that these entities have been forced to pay millions of dollars as a result of slip and all accident claims. In one case Attorney Murphy was involved in, a man sued SEPTA after receiving back injuries in a slip and fall accident caused by a leak in the City Hall station, particularly on the Broad Street subway. Through the case, SEPTA workers testified that they spent years notifying their supervisors of that same leak, and one manager stated that the spot was always wet. The article noted that the manager told Attorney Murphy during a deposition: "There was a drought, and we still had that leak." There were also other stories in which it was clear that leaks that had caused previous slip and fall accidents had still not been fixed, even years later.

According to the news story, SEPTA records indicated that it had reports of 513 slip and fall accidents over the past five years, with those accidents costing the entity $10.5 million. While PATCO and its parent company said that they did not know specific slip and fall numbers, an audit showed that the entity had 46 cases that included some slip and fall accidents, and that all the 46 cases cost PATCO $17.6 million.

When property owners and managers are aware of safety hazards and still fail to fix them or to properly warn visitors of those hazards, they can be held liable for the damages that are caused through the unsafe environments. This even applies to government-run entities, as can be seen through the article in The Inquirer. Personal injury cases that stem from these types of situations fall under premises liability law.

Because of Attorney Murphy's more than 25 years of experience, he knows the ins and outs of effectively handling personal injury cases. When handling slip and fall accidents, SEPTA accidents and other incidents that lead to wrongful injury, he works diligently to prove the other party's fault, as well as the facts needed to determine the appropriate compensation amount. Contact our firm, the Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy, Jr., so that a Philadelphia personal injury attorney can help you seek rightful compensation for your injury!