Student Viciously Attacked in Northeast Philadelphia

Student Viciously Attacked in Northeast Philadelphia

Posted By the Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy Jr. || 17-Feb-2014

A student was attacked in Northeast Philadelphia, suffering a severe beating. Another student took video of the attack, and later posted it on Facebook. The police got involved and through the Facebook posting, were able to identify the attackers, who now face criminal charges for assault. The young man who took the video is heard laughing throughout the assault.

It took only about 2 hours to identify the juvenile suspects from the video. Most of the five in the attack are from the area, and are alleged to be high school students from Northeast High School, and one from Woodrow Wilson High School.

There are many types of physical assaults, all of which pose a serious danger to the victim. In this case, the student being attacked was at the mercy of 5 students who chose to engage in an act of violence. He had little hope of protecting himself against the assault. Had he been seriously injured or traumatized, there could be grounds for a personal injury lawsuit or claim against the students who chose to engage in this vicious attack.

When a person has been the victim of an assault, it is be important to get legal representation. If an attack took place on school grounds, there could be reason to believe that the victim should have been safe from harm while on the property. If it took place off school grounds, the children involved and their families could be subject to a claim or lawsuit to recover damages.

Our children need to be safe from random attacks and assaults. At the Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy Jr., we file claims to recover damages in cases of assault. Call us today for more information.