What To Do If Your Insurance Company Won't Pay

What To Do If Your Insurance Company Won't Pay

Posted By Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy Jr. || 7-Feb-2014

When you have insurance to protect your family, whether auto insurance or PIP (Personal Injury Protection), and you have faithfully paid your premiums, it can be a shock to have a claim denied, or a settlement offer than doesn't even cover your medical expenses, much less the other damages in your case. You may be under the impression that you will get fair treatment from an insurance company, but unfortunately this may not be the case. All insurance companies are involved in the process of paying out as little as possible in settlements. How they go about it can put you at risk of losing part of a fair settlement if you don't have a lawyer to protect you.

You may be told that you only are eligible for a certain amount, due to the wording in your insurance policy. Whether this is true or not should be determined with the help of an attorney. In many cases, the settlement offer is much lower than you actually have a right to claim. Don't assume that you are being told accurate facts. Those who have tried to deal with getting a claim paid on their own often become frustrated. They are shifted from one adjuster or employee to another, getting differing facts. One adjuster may tell you that you can claim certain damages, while another could say this was incorrect. The entire process is so frustrating that many people just give up. They need the money, feel forced into a corner, and finally accept an offer far lower than they should.

At our firm, we believe you deserve to be treated fairly. If your insurance company has acted in bad faith, a legal action can be taken against them, and they could be forced to pay your attorney fees and damages for failing to treat you in good faith. If you are struggling to get an insurance company to come through with a settlement, and are having trouble, you are not alone. The actions of insurance companies to reduce claims are common knowledge among the legal community that works in personal injury law. Let us review the facts in your case, and your policies. We will help you fight for fair treatment. If you are trying to recover a settlement from a negligent party's insurance company, the same tactics will be employed. Let us manage your claim. You can be confident that we will take every action that could benefit you, and we will demand fair compensation either from your own, or another's insurance company. We work with them every day, and we can quickly tell you what your claim is actually worth.

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