The Dangers of Driver Fatigue

The Dangers of Driver Fatigue

Posted By Law Offices of Tomas J. Murphy Jr. || 27-Feb-2015

Early Friday morning, a driver lost control of his vehicle and slammed through the bay doors of a Philadelphia firehouse. The vehicle plowed through the building and pushed a new medic unit six to eight feet back. No firefighters were injured and the driver only suffered minor injuries. The crash happened shortly after 2:00 a.m., causing police officers to believe the driver of the vehicle fell asleep at the wheel.

Driver fatigue is a common cause of car accidents that can cause minor to catastrophic injury. When a driver is tired, they may experience slowed reaction time, suffer from impaired vison, and struggle with staying awake and attentive. It is crucial to make sure you are alert when you drive, always following important safety tips and guidelines.

Tips to Avoid Driver Fatigue

Drivers are advised to avoid driving into the late hours of the night if at all possible. If you do plan on driving late at night, make sure you get a decent seven to eight hours of sleep the night before. Before you begin driving, make sure you adjust your seat and mirrors so you remain alert and focused. Avoid getting too comfortable and try to keep the temperature in the vehicle cooler than usual to minimize drowsiness.

When driving long distances, be sure to take breaks every two hours or so. Go to a rest stop, restaurant, or gas station to walk around, stretch, or sit down for a light meal. Avoid eating any heavy meals, as this may increase fatigue. If you start to feel tired while driving, don’t try to fight it. Your body is trying to tell you that you need rest. The best thing to do is to pull over and give yourself adequate sleep before continuing the drive, especially if you want to avoid getting into a serious car accident or collision.

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