Understanding Maximum Medical Improvement

Understanding Maximum Medical Improvement

Posted By Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. || 27-Oct-2015

Following an accident that results in injury, victims and their loved ones usually want to pursue compensation from the responsible parties as soon as possible. With many injuries, swift action can be called for, but in other circumstances-- particularly when catastrophic injuries occur-- filing a claim too soon can actually be detrimental to obtaining proper relief.

In these more serious cases, a concept called maximum medical improvement (MMI) is critical to determining when to file suit. MMI is the point at which medical professionals determine that the injury victim has recovered as much as possible from their accident. Many times, this doesn't mean that the injury victim has fully recovered, but only that doctors do not reasonably foresee any improvement beyond the victim's current condition. This determination is important for injuries that involve lasting or permanent effects like brain damage, paralysis, and other serious traumas.

Why is determining MMI important before filing an injury suit? Because once doctors have determined MMI, then the rest of the victim's ongoing medical care and hardships can be reasonably predicted and quantified. Those costs can then be integrated into the injury suit and potential compensation can fully cover the victim's needs going forward.

The Dangers of Filing Too Early

To examine why MMI is so important, let's look at a theoretical example: Janice is a nurse who was hurt in a car accident caused by another driver. She hurt her back and required surgery, so she decided to take legal action to cover those costs. She won her suit and her medical costs were covered.

However, after the surgery, her recovery is long, and eventually, it is determined that Janice could no longer spend most of her work days on her feet-- she needs to transition to another position. This is the point where Janice has reached MMI. Lost wages can usually be part an injury suit, but because Janice already took action against the driver, lost wages were not addressed and now Janice is faced with additional hardships that could have been covered in her initial claim.

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