Financial Compensation

Financial Compensation for Injury Claims

What is My Case Worth?

Financial compensation refers to money awarded a plaintiff (the injured party) in a personal injury claim or lawsuit . This money is awarded to help the victim rebuild his or her life to a similar condition as it was before the injury occurred and may include compensation for medical expenses, future medical care, lost earnings, loss of potential earnings, emotional trauma, pain and suffering and possibly more. The value of a case will vary primarily depending on the extent of injury and the impact these injuries will have on the victim's life from a financial and emotional standpoint. Financial compensation may be awarded for both economic and non-economic damages.

If you are interested in finding out what your injury claim or lawsuit may be worth, do not wait to consult with a knowledgeable Philadelphia injury attorney With the experience in this field and the resources to investigate every aspect of your case, a lawyer from the Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. can accurately determine what amount of financial compensation you may be entitled to receive. From there, your attorney can then work to recover the highest amount of compensation possible.

Recovering Money in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

The most common way for a personal injury plaintiff in Philadelphia to receive the financial compensation he or she is seeking is through an out of court settlement. This occurs when the parties come to an agreement outside of the courtroom in regard to the amount of money the plaintiff should receive. In some rare cases, the case will need to go to trial and the amount of financial compensation will be determined and awarded by the jury. Whether your case can be settled out of court or will need to go to trial, an injury attorney at our law offices can work to represent your interests and protect your rights every step of the way.

What factors affect the value of a claim?

When creating your claim, your personal injury attorney will consider such factors as:

  • All medical expenses caused by the accident, including hospital bills, medication costs, doctor visits, therapy, medical supplies, and travel expenses for medical care
  • The cost of any future medical care that may be necessary
  • The lasting impact of your injuries upon your physical abilities and psychological health
  • Wages lost during the recovery process
  • In the event of a permanent injury or disability, any loss of future wages or earning ability
  • Any psychological injuries sustained as a result of the accident