Security Negligence

Security Negligence

Philadelphia Premises Liability Lawyer

An attack can occur anywhere. In parking lots, retail stores, amusement parks, nightclubs, restaurants, apartment complexes, and even the workplace. For this reason, it’s essential that a property owner takes appropriate measures to ensure the premises are secured. Negligent security can lead to attacks, physical assault, battery, sexual assault or rape, robbery, and stalking or harassment.

If you were attacked or assaulted while on another person’s property, you have the right to file a premises liability lawsuit on grounds of negligent security . Just as property owners have a legal obligation to ensure their premises are free of dangerous conditions, they also have a duty to make sure the property is equipped with adequate security. This may include installing video cameras throughout the premises, installing locks on gates or doorways, and/or hiring a security guard to monitor the property.

Filing a Security Negligence Claim in Philadelphia

If you were attacked or assaulted, and you believe the property owner was negligent in providing adequate security, you should speak with an experienced Philadelphia injury attorney right away. An experienced lawyer can review the circumstances of your case to determine if you have a viable claim. In addition, an attorney from our team can also inform you of your rights, advise you of your best options, and answer any questions you may have.

With over 25 years of experience, Attorney Thomas Murphy has handled many premises liability cases involving security negligence. You can trust Mr. Murphy to thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your attack to determine how a lack of security led to your injury. Mr. Murphy knows that negligent security can lead to serious injuries that go well beyond physical scars, and he strongly believes that you deserve to be compensated for your emotional distress and psychological trauma, in addition to your physical injuries. Contact the Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy, Jr today to learn how you can take legal action against a negligent property owner!