Broken Bones

Broken Bone Injuries

Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer

There are many different types of accidents that may be linked to broken bones and multiple bone fractures. Auto accidents are a common cause, such as car accidents and motorcycle accidents as well as auto accidents involving pedestrians and bicyclists. Additional causes include slip and fall and trip and fall accidents, as well as construction accidents, workplace accidents and even dog bites. In these cases, it is important to involve an attorney and determine whether negligence was involved and someone else can be held accountable.

For example, another driver may have caused the car accident that left you with multiple bone fractures. A property owner may have just waxed a floor and yet failed to put up a warning sign, meaning that you slipped and fell and broke your arm. Whatever the case, a Philadelphia injury attorney can review the matter to determine what person or company should be held responsible for your medical care, lost wages and other expenses or injuries sustained in the accident.

Personal Injury Claims for Broken Bones

Did you suffer a broken bone or multiple bone fractures in an accident of some kind in the Philadelphia area? If so, our law firm may be able to help. At the Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. we are dedicated to helping people who have been seriously injured in all types of accidents or other situations that are related to another person's carelessness or recklessness. We represent clients throughout all of Philadelphia County and the surrounding areas, including Bucks County, Chester County, Montgomery County and Delaware County.

Talking to a skilled Philadelphia injury attorney about your case is important, as early in the process as possible. We can help you seek financial damages for your expenses and losses. Find out how we can help with an injury claim involving broken bones - call us at (215) 569-1500.