Burn Injuries

Philadelphia Burn Injury Attorney

Of all injuries that a person may suffer in an accident or other situation linked to negligence or intentional wrong, burns often have a significant impact on the victim. A burn injury is not only one of the most painful injuries that may be sustained, but scarring and disfigurement may result. If a burn is severe enough, muscle and nerve damage may also be a side effect. Due to the severe nature of a burn injury, it is important to make sure you have an Philadelphia injury attorney at your side to help protect your interests and assist you in recovering the full financial damages that you need for your medical care, continued treatment, and much more.

Types of Burns

The injuries that result from burns depend upon the degree of the burn and the type of burn accident the victim was involved in. First degree burns damage only the outer layer of the skin. Second degree burns damage the top two layers of the skin. Third degree burns damage all layers of the skin and can also harm the tissues underneath the skin. There are three main types of burn accidents:

Thermal Burns
These are the most common burn injuries and they are caused by the skin coming into contact with some sort of heat source. The skin is damaged by such heat sources as fire, hot liquids, steam, hot metals, or hot objects. The degree of the burn and the extent of the damage will depend upon the area and length of exposure to the heat source.

Chemical Burns
These types of burns occur when the skin comes into contact with caustic chemicals, certain acids, and alkaloids, and the contact can be the result of explosions or spills in many cases. Although very painful, the damage from a chemical burn is not always immediately evident. Chemicals should be removed from the skins as soon as possible to stop the damage from progressing, and it is important to guard against systematic poisoning from long term exposure to caustic chemicals. This type of burn injury can be caused by exposure to such items as:

  • Potentially dangerous household cleaners, including toilet bowl cleaner (contains sulfuric acid), paint cleaner (contains lye), deodorizers (contain phenol), and bleaches and disinfectants (contain sodium hypochlorite)
  • Industrial products like tar, gasoline, and wet pavement
  • Cosmetic products, including nail polish removers and hair dyes

Electrical Burns
These burns are the result of an electrical current passing through body, which often causes both internal and external damage. In many cases most of the injury occurs beneath the skin, though the severity of the damage will depend upon the type of current and intensity, the duration of exposure, the area of the body that the current passed through, and the amount of moisture that was on the victim.

  • Low Voltage Current (less than 500 volts): Typically contact with this type of current does not result in severe burns, but other serious side effects can include muscle spasms, mouth burns when children bite or suck on electrical cords, and cardiac problems.
  • High Voltage Current (more than 500 volts): This type of current can cause extreme skin burns as well as such serious complications as fractures and blunt force trauma from the force of the jolt, seizures, and disturbances of the heart’s rhythm.

Help for Burn Victims

If you or a loved one is the victim of a painful and life-altering burn injury, it is important to understand your rights and legal options to pursue compensation for your suffering and medical expenses. As an injury attorney with more than 25 years of experience, Thomas J. Murphy is dedicated to helping victims throughout Philadelphia County and the surrounding areas create comprehensive claims and lawsuits to provide their cases the best opportunity to obtain successful outcomes. His experience, combined with his dedication to representing his clients' needs, allows Mr. Murphy to provide only the highest quality legal counsel to each of his clients through this, an extremely difficult time.

Our law firm handles all types of burn injury cases throughout Philadelphia, including those that arise from car accidents and motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, workplace accidents, premises liability, defective products, and more. We also take on wrongful death cases that occur due to severe burns. Regardless of the circumstances of your case, we can offer you the counsel of an attorney with the experience and resources to determine how to best assist you. Your initial case review with our firm is free. If you would like to learn more about what a lawyer can do to help you in this matter, feel free to contact us today!