Neck Injuries

Common Types of Neck Injuries

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Due to the vulnerability of the neck, it not uncommon in a personal injury accident for the neck to be one of the most targeted areas of the body for injury. Sudden pressure, changes in direction or the like can cause the neck to become hurt. Common types of injuries that affect the neck include:

The Impact of Serious Neck Injuries

As the neck plays a huge role in our daily functioning, any impairment is extremely serious and deserves comprehensive medical treatment. If severe enough, an injury of this nature could even cause you to no longer be able to carry on in your current line of work, causing you to suffer from the loss of income. You should not be left unprotected in such a situation. By working with an aggressive Philadelphia injury lawyer, you can begin to build your case and fight for the necessary compensation to cover all physical and non-physical damages. No matter if your neck injury was the result of a car accident, pedestrian accident or airplane accident - you deserve to be compensated.

How can a personal injury attorney help?

If you are looking to fight for compensation after being victimized in an accident that resulted in a neck injury, you should look no further than Attorney Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. With years of experience in handling cases of this nature, he is well-versed in protecting the rights of victims and knows what it takes to get a successful outcome. No matter how daunting your case may appear, no matter how unique your situation, you can be confident that he will stop at nothing in his efforts to assist you on your way to your desired result.

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