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Were you injured in an accident caused by a truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel? These accidents happen more frequently than you think! At the Law Offices of Thomas J. Murphy, Jr., our legal team works with individuals who have been injured in trucking accidents and 18 wheeler accidents caused by drivers who were fatigued behind the wheel or those who violated the federal laws in regards to the hours of operation.

What are the federal hours of operation? According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), truck drivers are only allowed a certain amount of hours behind the wheel per hours of off-duty and rest, despite what their employer may be forcing them to do. While the installation of Electronic On-Board Recorders has been extremely beneficial in regulating drivers' hours of operation, many drivers still choose to get behind the wheel of their large truck and put themselves and others in extreme danger.

Truck Driver Regulations

The hours-of-operation requirement for truck drivers is as follows:

  • 11-Hour Driving Limit: A driver may not drive past the 11th hour after 10 consecutive hours of off-duty.
  • 14-Hour Limit: A driver may not drive past the 14th consecutive hour of operation, despite how many hours they have already been behind the wheel, per 10 consecutive hours of off-duty. Additional time taken off-duty will not allow the driver to continue to drive past this limit.
  • 60-Hour Limit: A driver may not drive more than 60 hours on-duty in a 7 day shift. A driver can only get behind the wheel once again after a period of 34 hours off-duty.
  • 70-Hour Limit: A driver may not drive more than 70 hours on-duty in an 8 day shift. The driver should only get behind the wheel again after 34 consecutive hours off-duty.

If you believe that the individual who caused your accident failed to abide by these laws, you need to speak with a Philadelphia injury attorney right away. You may have a case, but will need extensive investigating to prove that this driver failed to abide by federal laws.

Proving Truck Driver Fatigue

In order to prove that the driver who caused injuries or wrongful death onto your family member, an attorney will request to view the logbook of this driver. Employers are only required to keep the logbooks for a certain period of time, so you will need to act quickly if you have been injured. Our law firm will review your case and can possibly interview the employer or driver of the truck to determine if negligence played a role in the accident. If we are able to find that the truck driver acted negligently by getting behind the wheel while fatigued, you may be entitled to a settlement. To learn more about the potential claim for an accident caused by truck driver fatigue, contact a Philadelphia truck accident attorney from our skilled legal team right away.

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